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Your home says a lot about you. Marietta house painting is the best way to improve curb appeal. Jose’s has more than 26 years in the area

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Get a Professional to Do the Job

Anyone can swing a brush. Only a professional can do the job correctly. The pros at Jose’s Painting have an eye for detail. We have the skill and knowledge to achieve the best possible paint job

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Picking Exterior Paint Colors

It may seem that almost everyone uses the same type of color scheme. But sometimes it is good to mix it up. This is only if you don’t have to respond to an HOA.
Not only should you think of the color of the house, but also the color of the trim. Of course the trim should match the exterior.

nursery paint colors

Keeping it Fresh

Weathering and time can make your home have a dull look. Nothing looks better than having a freshly painted house. With Jose’s Painting and Remodeling, you can rely on us for the professional job you are looking for.

We Handle the Hard Work

We take care of everything. Not just the painting that is done, but also take care of the surrounding areas of the home. We don’t just keep paint off of the property, but also watch out not to damage any of the foliage.

Jose’s can assist you in choosing the right colors that not only please you, but also don’t make you look like the oddball in the neighborhood. Remember we are looking for curb appeal, not to have the most hideous house on the block.
Contact or call Jose’s Painting and Remodeling and let us brighten up your home with Marietta house painting services. Leave all of the hard work to us. We are your Marietta house interior painters.

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