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Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

Choosing the right color. Do you know if you are looking for some bright colors or are you just looking for some that just stand out from the crowd? This is where it comes into play, light or dark? Remember that this decision can not only be costly, but you will also have to live with your decision for quite a few years. 

Darker Colors

Dark colors are not always gloomy. Many times they can make a house have a bigger presence than expected and actually make an impression in the neighborhood.

One of the downsides of painting your home dark colors is that usually the paint does not last as long. This is because darker colors tend to absorb the UV rays. This breaks down the paint faster. It also tends to retain the heat more which can lead to higher electric bills.

On the Bright Side

Lighter colors are what more people seem to choose. They tend to keep the house cooler for the most part while reflecting the sunlight that hits it.

Something to keep in mind is your surroundings. You want to choose a color that matches the environment and does not contrast. This makes sense. White (as we all know) matches any other color scheme which makes it easy to pick a matching trim and accent color.

These are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a color to paint your Marietta home. Remember to always hire a licensed contractor for the job like Jose’s Painting and Remodeling to complete the job. Call or contact us for a free quote. Let us give you the new look you have always wanted.

Jose’s crew of professionals work with you from the start to end. By working with you, we can achieve your goals.

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